Popular Landscaping Trends for 2019
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Popular Landscaping Trends for 2019

February 15, 2019

While the basics of landscaping work generally remain the same over time, there are some industry trends that shift on a year-to-year basis that are worth keeping up with if you’re looking at hiring landscapers for your property. With this in mind, here is some information about some landscaping trends for 2019 from a team specializing in landscape design in Mustang, OK.

New, younger customers

For the most part, landscaping customers tend to be older and wealthier. These services are especially popular among senior homeowners who either are not physically capable of doing their landscaping work themselves or simply no longer wish to.

However, information from Garden Research indicates there will be more millennial homeowners looking for landscaping services this year. In fact, in 2018, homeowners age 34 and younger made up a record high of 29 percent of all gardening households, and that number may well be going up in 2019.

New landscaping and gardening standards

As the general population of landscaping clients becomes younger, the types of standards that exist for landscaping services are also changing. Younger people are not necessarily as concerned with how the lawn looks—they’re going to have pets and small children all over their yards, so putting a lot of energy and money into the lawn and garden can seem to be a waste to them. As such, they’re looking for a more natural approach to landscaping and gardening, which requires a different type of approach from landscaping professionals.

Use of new technology

Technology of all kinds continues to advance, and we’re seeing that in the landscaping industry as we are in many other industries. Aerial photography, smart controllers, apps to control remote systems and other types of technologies all make it easier and more efficient for landscapers to get their work done and manage their properties, and for homeowners to keep up their properties in between visits from the landscaping company. At this point, landscapers are quickly discovering that these technologies are rapidly growing in demand, and a failure to adopt them can result in them being left behind.

Battery-powered equipment

Battery-powered equipment doesn’t exactly fall under the umbrella of “new technology,” but it is still an emerging trend in landscaping that is worth mentioning. There are a variety of reasons for this, the biggest of which is that consumers are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, especially in the younger generations. Gas-powered equipment is nowhere near as energy efficient as battery-powered equipment, and it creates a lot of noise and emissions that can be a nuisance for homeowners in residential areas. Electrical equipment is capable of producing much more power than it used to, so you don’t lose much in performance by switching from gas-powered to electric landscaping equipment.
For more information about some of the biggest trends you can expect to see in the landscaping industry in 2019 and beyond, we encourage you to contact the team at Don Willis Landscape today. We’d love to help you plan a landscape design in Mustang, OK that meets the needs of your family!

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