Common Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

Common Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

March 21, 2019

Are you planning a beautiful landscape for your property? Too often, homeowners start digging into landscaping projects without proper preparation. Without the input from a landscape designer in Oklahoma City, OK, they make a few key mistakes.

Following are the most common of these landscaping errors. Review these to avoid making the same mistakes in your landscaping. With a few extra considerations, you can have a beautiful property that suits your taste and lifestyle.

“I thought I was a landscaping superhero.”

This mistake occurs when property owners are unrealistic about the ongoing care that their landscaping will need. Even low-maintenance plants need some attention. As you design your landscaping and choose plant varieties, keep future time commitments in mind. Do you want to spend every weekend working on your landscaping? Will you have time to prune, pick up dead leaves, pull weeds and anything else your property requires to stay sharp and healthy? Be realistic about your landscaping superpowers to create a good match for what you can (or want to) offer.

“I jumped right in to get it done.”

While it’s good to start landscaping considerations early, it’s a mistake to jump in without a plan. Careful consideration must be given to the space, terrain, soil type, sun exposure and many other factors. Don’t start digging until you have a well-thought-out plan in place. A consultation with a landscape designer in Oklahoma City, OK can be very helpful in this process. There may be things that you don’t think to consider that will affect how you should design your landscaping. As experts in this process, landscape designers can ensure your plan is solid before you move forward.

“I wanted to include a little of everything I like.”

Variety can be good, but attempts to mix and match too much in a landscape design is usually a mistake. The result is a space that appears unplanned and messy. The eye is drawn everywhere at once, and the area feels chaotic rather than inviting. Rather than choose every plant that looks attractive, make sure your selections go well together and will work nicely in the space allotted. Again, a landscape designer in Oklahoma City, OK can help you with this process.

“I didn’t realize how big that plant would get.”

As you choose plant varieties for your landscaping, be sure to research future growth. Keep the plant’s eventual size in mind as you decide what to plant where. Just because it looks great today doesn’t mean it will by the end of the season or five years from now. Make proper allowances for space next to buildings, other structures and other plants. Watch for potential blockages of windows, doors and walkways as plants mature.

Partner with the Pros

The best way to avoid landscaping mistakes is to partner with professionals who know how to avoid them. To create a beautiful outdoor oasis on your property, contact the experts at Don Willis Landscape. Family owned and operated, we’ve been go-to landscape designers in Oklahoma City, OK for more than 70 years. Reach out to us today to get started on your next landscaping project.

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