Need Sprinkler Repair in Oklahoma City, OK? Here Are Some Signs Your Irrigation System Is Leaking

Need Sprinkler Repair in Oklahoma City, OK? Here Are Some Signs Your Irrigation System Is Leaking

May 21, 2019

An automatic sprinkler system can help maintain your green lawn, but only if it’s functioning properly. How do you know if there’s a problem somewhere in the line? Do you need to call a professional to help with sprinkler repair in Oklahoma City, OK? Here are seven signs that your irrigation system is leaking:

  • Soggy spots of grass: One day, you might notice your lawn looks and feels soggy, or that the soil stays muddy even when the weather is dry. Be aware that this is not normal. Soggy spots in your lawn indicate a leak in your sprinkler system, especially if you see wet patches around sprinkler valves or areas where vital connections are buried. You may also see bubbling coming from the ground, in addition to wet grass.
  • Brown spots in the lawn: Another common sign of a sprinkler system malfunction is brown spots. These spots often appear between sprinkler heads, while larger brown patches are more likely due to disease or water just not reaching those areas. Check the alignment of your sprinkler heads if you suspect the dry areas are from poor water reach.
  • Fungus growth: Don’t ignore mushrooms growing around your sprinkler system or on the base of trees near buried sprinkler lines. The presence of too much moisture in or on top of the ground can cause fungus to grow. Because mushrooms often aren’t native in suburban areas or landscaped environments, they’re a sure sign that something is off with your irrigation system.
  • Wet or damp concrete: If you see wet spots on your concrete surfaces (walkways, driveway, patio, etc.) and it hasn’t rained, your sprinklers may be leaking. Unexplained wetness on concrete should be evaluated by a professional as soon as possible. Call someone soon for an inspection and repairs, as excess water can cause irreparable damage to concrete over time.
  • Erosion near sprinkler heads: Brown patches and soggy areas are easy to spot, but erosion near the sprinkler heads is less easy to identify. It might look like the ground is caving in or that a creature has been digging around your sprinklers—check for leaks and contact an expert if needed.
  • Water pressure drop: It’s not unusual for homes to experience low water pressure from time to time. If the water pressure for your sprinklers is low, the reason could be a municipal supply problem or a partially open backflow valve. However, you can’t rule out a possible sprinkler system leak.
  • High water bills: Nobody likes to see their utility bills skyrocket. When there’s a noticeable increase in your water bill, take the time to investigate a few things. Let’s say your daily water use hasn’t changed, and you didn’t find any leaks in your plumbing. The reason for your higher-than-normal water bill could be a leak in your sprinkler system.

Remain on top of problems and seek help from a pro when you suspect you need sprinkler repair in Oklahoma City, OK. Call Don Willis Landscape anytime to schedule an appointment!

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