Why You Should Install a French Drain System in Oklahoma City, OK

Why You Should Install a French Drain System in Oklahoma City, OK

May 7, 2019

If you’re a property owner with a water drainage problem, you might benefit from installing a French drain. Here’s a closer look at what you need to know to decide whether a French drain system in Oklahoma City, OK is right for your property.

French drains and how they work

A French drain is a type of drainage system used to divert excess water on your property. Basically, it’s a PVC pipe installed in a trench lined with gravel or small rocks that redirects surface and ground water away from certain areas where too much water can cause damage. Many French drains have perforated hollow pipes sitting along the bottom to expel water that leaches through the upper gravel layer. To keep debris from plugging up the holes, filtration fabric is placed on top of the pipes before being covered with rock or gravel. This type of drain must have a slope to it in order for it to effectively help with drainage.

The advantages and disadvantages of French drains and where they work best

The majority of property owners use French drains to prevent ground and surface water from seeping into home and building foundations, but there are other reasons to install this particular type of drainage system. French drains are great at redirecting excess water from low areas of the property that tend to saturate easily. They’re an effective solution on properties that have to deal with serious drainage problems like standing water, basement flooding and extremely soggy garden soil. They’re also ideal for yards with retaining walls on hillsides. Additionally, if your plumbing runs on a septic system, a French drain may be your best option to direct water away from the septic tank.

For some properties, installing a French drain is an ideal drainage system option, as they offer a number of benefits. They don’t have moving parts, meaning they are less likely to malfunction or stop working. These types of drains can last a long time when installed by a skilled plumber, but a shallow system can be a fairly simple DIY project.

There are, however, some disadvantages of French drains. The drain pipes are buried down in the ground, which can make performing any occasional repairs more difficult. Another thing is that installation can be expensive if the system has to be placed deep in the ground around pre-existing structures.

How to start the installation process

If you are thinking about installing an all-new French drain system, your first step needs to be to plan out the exact path for the drain. The only way you’ll benefit from the drain is to run it through the areas on your property where excess water is problematic. Also, be sure to avoid digging down and hitting exterior water pipes and existing underground utilities. There are a few things concerning the exit point of the French drain. The drain’s exit should point to a sunny, low-lying area, but be directed away from any of your neighbors to avoid flooding their properties.

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