Grading and Drainage
in Oklahoma City, OK

Before landscaping, it’s critical to account for grading and drainage. Failing to plan for runoff and erosion can ruin your landscape and leave you with other major problems, such as foundation flooding or soil oversaturation.

To avoid these issues and more, Don Willis Landscape plans extensively for proper grading and drainage before any landscape installation.

French Drain Installation

Drainage Planning

Grading and drainage are specific to every property depending on the contours of the landscape, the permeability of the soil and a variety of other factors. Before any earthmoving or the installation of a French drain system in Oklahoma City, OK, the property needs to be thoroughly surveyed by a qualified drainage expert.

During the planning of your landscape, we’ll make sure the property is assessed for drainage and grading. This means understanding where runoff will occur, where rooted plants are needed to mitigate erosion and where pooling water may be problematic. Once we’ve identified these variables, we can correct them via light excavation, grading and the installation of an underground drainage system.

French Drain Installation

For areas prone to soil saturation or pooling water, a French drain installation in Oklahoma City, OK has the power to solve drainage issues. Installed underground, these drains take on water and jettison it away from areas prone to problems. This includes being able to prevent standing water near the foundation of a home or erosion of a plant bed.
Our experts will identify areas where a French drain is beneficial, then install it properly. From there, it’s all a matter of landscaping around the original plan, with the confidence that erosion and flooding won’t hamper your property.

French Drain Installation

Drainage You Can Count On

When the rain starts falling, you want the peace of mind in knowing your property is ready to handle it. This is the benefit of having a French drain system installed. Let Don Willis Landscape plan for erosion and drainage ahead of time, to ensure the integrity of your landscaping for years and years to come.

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