Hardscapes in Oklahoma City, OK

One of the most defining features of any landscape is the hardscaping complement. Hardscape design in Oklahoma City, OK needs to accent the greenery, yet stand out as part of something bigger. It takes an experienced hand to craft the right hardscape, which is why people throughout Oklahoma have turned to Don Willis Landscape for more than 70 years. We’re hardscaping experts, crafting features that exude beauty.
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Hardscape Design

Hardscaping makes your greenery stand out boldly, while also providing inviting spaces for outdoor living. Whether it’s a simple patio or a paved walkway to a custom fire pit, custom hardscaping is an essential part of any property. To recognize your landscape’s fullest potential, let our team plan, design and install any of the following types of hardscape features:

  • Retaining walls:

    When you need to control erosion or segment your property in a tasteful way, nothing beats a retaining wall in Oklahoma City, OK. Retaining walls are practical and beautiful, and when installed by a qualified professional, they’re a value-add piece of hardscaping. We have experience designing retaining walls for businesses and homes alike, in a variety of sizes.

  • Hardscaping:

    Our paving professionals are thorough in prepping hardscape projects, then executing with precision. We take the time to compact the soil, lay paver base, install pavers, spread infill and anything else needed to maximize the beauty and appeal of hardscaping on your property.

  • Walking Surfaces:

    Paved walkways, pathways and steps are great additions to your property. They make it easier to move around without disturbing the landscape you work so hard to maintain, while also serving as an aesthetic complement.

  • Decorative Paving:

    Decorative paving is a great way to spice up the visual properties of your landscape. It can be tailored into a wide variety of projects, from small garden walls, to edging for planters, to fire pits and more.

  • Hardscape Installation:

    Quality hardscaping is hard to come by. Thankfully, our experts have decades of practice! We’re experienced when it comes to choosing the right color and style of paver, establishing a solid foundation, laying pavers, utilizing infill and more. We promise results that bring depth and allure to your property as a whole.

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Get Hardscaping You’ll Love

No landscape is complete without beautiful hardscaped elements. From retaining walks to walking paths and beyond, Don Willis Landscape is equipped with the skills, equipment and design expertise to create idyllic hardscape elements on your property.

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