Landscape Design
in Oklahoma City, OK

A unique, custom landscape design in Oklahoma City, OK goes a long way towards giving your property personality. Professional landscaping creates curb appeal, promotes sustainable growth and brings enjoyment to time spent outdoors.

Don Willis Landscape designs landscapes that are totally unique to each property we work on. We design with an eye for natural beauty, while focusing on environmental sustainability. We combine proactive ideas like proper draining and irrigation with value-add components like water features and lighting, creating landscapes with unmistakable quality.

landscape design

Landscape Planning

We consult with each of our clients on their landscaping needs and wants. During the consultation we’re able to provide advice and answer questions, taking notes about the theme and aesthetic you’re going for.

After the consultation, we actually sketch up ideas and plans, to give you a visual interpretation of concepts. Many of our clients find this helpful and use it to elaborate on things they like (or don’t like!). From there, we refine your ideas and put them into a full scope of work, so you can see exactly what types of developments will transform your landscape.

Custom Features and Designs

As part of the design and concepting process, we consult with customers to understand the types of features they want to see on their property. From water features to hardscaping accents, we design features specific to your landscape. Once approved, we incorporate them into the overall design for finalization.

Designs for Sale

Are you a landscaper or urban planner? We design landscapes and develop blueprints for sale! Come to us if you’re looking for a particular type of landscape concept and we’ll work with you to develop a design that’s right for your project. We take the hassle out of landscape architecture, so you can focus on delivering a finished product to your client.

landscape design

Bring Your Landscape to Life

It’s time to make your landscape pop! To begin consulting with our team about unique concepts for your property, contact Don Willis Landscape today at 405-636-0215. We’re ready to design something that breaks the mold and adds character to your home or business.

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