Landscape Installation
in Oklahoma City, OK

Landscaping is no small job. If you have a custom landscape design in-hand from Don Willis Landscape, trust us to also be your landscape contractor in Oklahoma City, OK. We’ll put in the work to turn that concept into reality. We’re experienced in turning landscaping plans into a fruitful reality on your property—without compromising a single aspect.

Our abilities span all the following:

Landscape Installation
  • Planting:

    We take great care when planting your greenery. From ground-level shrubbery to flowers and bushes, we make sure everything has enough space to extend its roots and flourish. We also plant with mind to exposure and shade, as well as position on your landscape.

  • Hardscaping:

    Our paving professionals are thorough in prepping hardscape projects, then executing with precision. We take the time to compact the soil, lay paver base, install pavers, spread infill and anything else needed to maximize the beauty and appeal of hardscaping on your property.

  • Feature installation:

    Regardless of the type of feature, we take the time to ensure every step is executed perfectly. We handle excavation and installation of plumbing and/or electrical, incorporating it into the surrounding landscape. We’ll make sure your fountain, stream, pond, irrigation system or other features look and function flawlessly.

  • Lighting installation:

    Our experienced professionals handle every aspect of lighting installation. Our goal is always to install lighting that’s energy efficient, safe and easy to manage. Whether you have a commercial property or manage a residential landscape, we’re your all-in-one resource for outdoor lighting installation.

  • Turf installation:

    Looking for a lawn solution that’s quickly installed and easy to manage? Let us install turf that looks great! We take the time to properly cut, seam, pin and rake your lawn, ensuring it looks prim and adds picturesque character to your landscape.

landscape install

Let Us Build The Yard of Your Dreams‎

Regardless of how large your landscaping project is or the features involved, Don Willis Landscape can handle it. Our abilities are unmatched and our strong portfolio of completed landscapes shows we never compromise on standards.

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