Landscape Irrigation
in Oklahoma City, OK

Keeping your lawn and landscape looking lush and verdant is important. You don’t have time to water every piece of foliage on your property, which is why irrigation is important. Don Willis Landscape incorporates irrigation into every landscape architecture plan we create, to ensure you have a system for maintaining your property’s appeal.

Our abilities cover the following:

landscape design
  • Design:

    Proper irrigation design ensures your landscape is thoroughly watered. We design systems that reach all your foliage, while also preventing overwatering. Our irrigation systems are designed to be low profile and efficient in their use of water, for a sustainable landscape that’s green and beautiful.

  • Installation:

    After planning your sprinkler system installation in Oklahoma City, OK, count on us to make sure it’s orchestrated properly. We’ll position sprinkler heads, run water lines, set up controls and ensure everything works perfectly. We can also instruct you on proper scheduling and control of your system, providing tips on best practices and water conservation.

  • Repair:

    Problem with a jammed sprinkler head? Not getting the water pressure necessary to irrigate your landscape? We’re available for troubleshooting and sprinkler repair in Oklahoma City, OK. We’ll make sure your sprinkler system is doing its job.

  • Maintenance:

    Over time, it’s important to have your irrigation system maintained. This includes everything from testing the controls, to cleaning the sprinkler heads, to checking the backflow system and checking for damaged or broken lines. Give us a call for a quick inspection and any minor maintenance services your system may need.

landscape irrigation

Get the Most Out of Your Landscape Investment

The peace of mind and convenience that come with a well-planned, properly installed irrigation system pay for themselves. To get the most out of your landscape investment, consult with Don Willis Landscape about designing and installing an irrigation system to support it.

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