Landscape Lighting
in Oklahoma City, OK

A well-manicured landscape deserves to be seen at all times—not just when there’s daylight. With creative landscape lighting in Oklahoma City, OK, Don Willis Landscape will illuminate your property at all hours of the evening, casting light onto every feature that makes it unique.

Our landscape lighting approach is both practical and aesthetically-pleasing. We take everything into consideration, including lighting for address identification and safety, as well as illumination for special features or creative elements. Rest assured, our outdoor lighting will shine a light on the luxury and beauty of your investment in landscaping.
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Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Once we design the lighting for your landscape, we’ll also take care of installation. This includes everything from picking out fixtures and determining lighting intensity, to wiring and control setup. We ensure your lighting system is easy to operate, vibrant, safe and energy efficient.

Lighting Design

There are so many ways to illuminate your landscape. We plan outdoor lighting in Oklahoma City, OK that puts all of its best features into perspective. Some of the most common types of lighting design we strive for include:

  • Address lighting for buildings and retaining walls
  • Pathway and walkway lighting
  • Lighting for outdoor living (decks, patios, etc.)
  • Feature lighting (water, hardscaping)
  • General landscape lighting

We observe your landscape thoroughly, ensuring any lighting solutions we design are absolutely perfect for your unique property. From tasteful residential landscape lighting, to practical lighting for commercial properties, our designs complement your investment in quality landscaping.

Landscape Lighting

Illuminate Your Landscape

Don’t let darkness overshadow your property. Instead, consult with Don Willis Landscape about outdoor lighting that’ll illuminate its very best features. From pathway lighting to feature spotlights, we aim to exemplify every unique aspect of your landscape.

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