Artificial Grass
in Oklahoma City, OK

Artificial grass in Oklahoma City, OK is a great alternative to seeding or sod, since it’s not impacted by growth rates and environmental factors. As a result, it’s a premier choice for many business owners looking to maintain a beautiful landscape all year round.

Don Willis Landscape has the ability to design landscapes that incorporate synthetic grass and can install turf on your property as-needed. Our familiarity with this product ensures we’ll leave behind results that look natural and fit seamlessly with your overall landscape design.

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Synthetic Turf

Turf Installation

Synthetic turf installation is a simple process, but requires planning and foresight to complete quickly. We prepare your landscape by ensuring everything is properly graded and any anomalies are removed from the ground. Then, a base of crushed and compressed stone is laid.

When the site is prepped, we roll out, cut, glue and smooth your turf so it looks perfect and pristine. We also pin your turf to prevent peel-backs and spread infill to give it a more natural appeal.

Why Choose Turf?

There are many reasons to choose artificial turf in Oklahoma City, OK for your property. Obvious benefits include:

  • Much lower upkeep than grass or sod
  • Consistent appearance that’s always flawless
  • Easier to install than hydroseeding or sod
  • Year-round performance in all weather conditions
  • Reduced soil erosion thanks to compact base

If you’re considering synthetic turf for your property, consult with one of our knowledgeable professionals today about its benefits and how they’ll lend themselves to your landscape.

Synthetic Turf

Get Turf Installed

Does your landscape design call for turf installation? Leave it to the professionals at Don Willis Landscape! We have the ability to work with turf in any capacity befitting your property and will leave you with results that are sustainable and appealing.

Reach us today at 405-636-0215 for more information about our abilities.

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