Tree Installation in Oklahoma City, OK

Trees are a wonderful accent on any property. They provide great shade, help control erosion, improve property values and more. If you’re thinking about adding leafy green foliage to your property, call Don Willis Landscape. We’re experts when it comes to tree installation in Oklahoma City, OK and will assist you with the complete process. By the time we’re dine, you’ll have a beautiful tree perfectly positioned for growth on your land.

Tree Installation

Our approach to tree installation in Oklahoma City, OK is cumulative. We’ll help you select the right tree based on your property, landscape design and aesthetic preference. Once it’s chosen, we find the perfect sapling to plant. Working with your current or intended landscape design, we’ll plant it in an area where it can grow bountifully in the years to come.

In working with Don Willis Landscape, you’ll get everything you need to help your tree flourish. Not only do we ensure it’s planted right, we’ll advise you on proper care and tending. Years from now, you’ll have a bold, proud tree that’s a staple feature on your landscape.

Tree Transplantation

Have a beautiful tree that’s causing trouble where it currently stands? If your tree is interfering with utilities, overhanging a building or has roots intruding into structures, we can help. Through tree transplanting in Oklahoma City, OK, we’re able to move your tree without bringing harm to it.

We can transplant trees on the same property or bring them over from another property. Count on us to take the utmost care of your trees, to ensure they not only survive the transplant, but thrive!

Plant a Tree

Don Willis Landscape believes in the beauty of trees as a positive addition to any property. Contact us today at 405-636-0215 to discuss tree installation or transplantation services. Our knowledgeable team will coordinate everything, so you’re able to enjoy your tree for seasons to come.