Water Features
in Oklahoma City, OK

Water features in Oklahoma City, OK are a great complement to any landscape, adding yet another natural element to your property. Water features require complex planning and thorough installation, making Don Willis Landscape your best choice when it comes to enjoying one on your property.

We handle everything, from planning and design to installation, regardless of the feature type.


Water Feature Design

We’re adept at designing a variety of different water features to complement your landscape. Whether you’re looking for something that incorporates itself into your overall landscape or something that stands out boldly, we’re equipped to construct it:

  • Fountains: Nothing catches the eye like a beautiful fountain! Our fountain designs span all different sizes and complexities, from the simple to the ornate.
  • Ponds: We construct ponds of varying sizes, with everything needed to ensure it stays clean and pristine. From small koi ponds to ponds adjoining larger features, we do it all.
  • Streams: A well-designed stream can run throughout your property, adding a level of authenticity to the overall design. A stream is a great way to bridge hardscape and landscape aesthetics.
  • Waterfalls: Waterfalls are ideally incorporated with ponds and/or streams, serving as a dynamic element of your landscape that’ll inspire equal levels of tranquility and awe.

Water Feature Installation

More than just designing a beautiful, captivating water feature, we also ensure they’re installed properly. From excavation and dredging, to lining and plumbing installations, to incorporation with surrounding landscape elements, each water feature we design is a work of art.

Liven Up Your Landscape

Nothing draws the eye and raises the appeal of a landscape like a water feature. At Don Willis Landscape, we have broad experience in planning and incorporating water features into landscapes seamlessly. Let us add one of these captivating installations to your landscape!

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